Eastern Uttar Pradesh is one of its premises is aimed at students of all academic facilities on the same green as personal development programs - find out clean environment pollution-free as possible.'

Large book collection, e - book (books available on computer), daily, weekly, monthly expenditure periodicals collection, the contemporary student of knowledge and annual exams profits could be helpful in the preparation of competitive examinations.

Seminar hall
With digital projection facilities where you can communicate with students and teachers as a group and get the latest information on a large screens acceptable response time.

Physics Lab
Available as required by physics laboratory equipped with modern and useful equipment is available for students.

Chemistry Lab
Airy great room with safety devices of all kinds related to chemistry-art equipment available in the laboratory. Where students perform their experiments under the supervision of experts.

Biology Lab
All art is provided as needed in the laboratory of Biology.

Botany Lab
All facilities are available in the botany laboratory for students.

Psychology Lab
Faculty of Arts degree in psychology modern fully equipped laboratory is available for the student.

With the subject pedagogy lab meets all modern equipment is available for students.

Wi-Fi Campus
Seeing the current modern environment on campus for information on current topics of Internet facility is available for all students.

Play Ground
In healthy body, healthy brain growth and the rise of total talent are derived from human physical skills. The student’s individually indoor and outdoor sports facility is being provided.

Clean Drinking Water
For students by Kent clean and cool drinking water cooler system is provided in campus.

Lecture hall
For all faculties airy and luminous with large lecture halls in which the student is studying.

Vehicle Facility
For all students of remote vehicle facility is being provided by the college.

Security Facility
Unnatural premises safe from accidents - accidents such as fire prevention and fire fighting devices etc. on the entire campus venue is proper. C.C. T.V. all areas of the premises are monitored so as to prevent any untoward incident.